We’re keeping your energy flowing: Family pic

We’re keeping your energy flowing

The energy networks are prioritising the work they do during COVID-19 to make sure you continue to receive a safe and reliable energy supply. And, if you are shielding, there are extra services available to help you.

If you need extra help...


You should consider joining the free Priority Services Register.

If you’ve received a letter from the NHS advising you to take additional measures to protect yourself from COVID-19, such as staying at home and shielding for 12 weeks, then you should consider signing up for the free Priority Services Register.

The Priority Services Register provides free additional services to customers in vulnerable circumstances if there is a power cut or you lose your gas supply unexpectedly. You can find out more about the register by contacting your energy supplier (the company which sends you your energy bill) or your local electricity or gas distributor.

We take the trust you put in us seriously, particularly if you’re living in more vulnerable circumstances. We’ll still offer additional tailored services and guidance to those who may need additional support during the coronavirus pandemic, including if you’re self-isolating. And, we’ll do this while following government guidance on hygiene and social distancing.

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Prioritising the work we do

We're prioritising the work we do to keep your energy flowing.

We will always prioritise power cuts, gas leaks and urgent safety issues. Wherever possible we will continue the critical maintenance and repair work needed to maintain a safe and reliable supply of energy. If you see us outside your home or if we have to visit your property during the coronavirus emergency, be assured it is because it is critical.

We have a huge number of people working across the country in a huge variety of roles that just can’t be done at home. Whether it’s construction work, maintenance, repairs or operating our control centres, it’s important that our work continues where it’s safe and appropriate to do so.


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Keeping your energy flowing

Nobody should be concerned about their energy supply.

Millions of people rely on us every day to keep the lights on and since the coronavirus outbreak began we have been working hard to protect our colleagues and continue to deliver safe, secure and reliable energy supplies. We have well-developed procedures in place to manage the effects of a pandemic and no one should be concerned about their energy supply as more of us stay at home. You can read more about this from National Grid ESO.

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Staying safe when attending your home

If you are shielding or have symptoms, please let us know.

We’ll still come and help you, but our teams will take some additional precautions to keep us all safe.

We know there are concerns bogus callers might take advantage of the coronavirus panedmic, using it as a “hook” to take advantage of customers. We've teamed up with Citizens Advice to give you three simple steps to take if an unexpected caller arrives at your door. 

  1. Check their credentialsCompanies will do their best to say in advance that someone is coming to visit, but sometimes that's not always possible. If an engineer arrives at the door, they will always show identification which has a number and an expiry date.
  2. Contact the company. If you have any doubts, contact the company to verify the caller’s identity. Genuine employees won’t mind waiting.  
  3. Don’t feel pressured. If you’re still not comfortable, don’t let them in. Call someone – a family member, neighbour or friend who can help. Call the police on 101 or if you feel threatened, dial 999.


Looking after our colleagues

36,000 people are keeping your energy flowing and we're looking after them.

Sam King, gas emergency team at Wales & West Utilities

If the work our employees do can be done from home, we’re insisting they do that. However, a lot of the work we do means this simply isn’t possible. Many of our colleagues need to leave their homes to provide essential services to keep your energy flowing.

Where our colleagues have to leave the house to carry out their job, the social distancing guidelines issued by the government apply. Our members have issued updated health and safety guidance to their teams and have taken steps to ensure networks remain resilient if employee absentee levels were to significantly increase. We're also working closely with trades unions to ensure everyone is staying safe.



Thank you to our healthcare heroes.


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