Energy networks comment on Prime Minister's speech: ENWL apprentice on electrical pole

30 Jun 2020

Energy networks comment on Prime Minister's speech

In his speech this morning at the Dudley College of Technology, the Prime Minister has committed to building back better and building back greener to support the UK economy as the country eases out of lockdown. 

Following the Prime Minister's speech, David Smith, Energy Networks Association Chief Executive, said:

“We welcome the Prime Minister’s ambition to drive a sustainable economic revival and his commitment to a ‘New Deal’ national infrastructure plan. Our members are the very “industries and infrastructure that can turn the tide on climate change” which he previously described when setting out his ambitions for the green recovery, and they are foundational to almost every aspect of this transition.

"The energy networks will provide the ‘smart’ backbone to the national uptake of electric vehicles, a fully flexible energy system, the shift to a hydrogen economy and the decarbonisation of heavy industry. They are also uniquely placed to develop these projects and deploy investment almost immediately, increasing employment opportunities in traditional and future-facing jobs, if the right investment frameworks are in place.

"Speed is of the essence in our fights against Coronavirus and climate change, and it’s a speed which the energy networks stand poised with, ready for action on net zero whilst ensuring energy customers enjoy a fairer, greener future.”

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